Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Than Colors

My son brought home a bag of goodies from preschool this week. Inside were things he had made and gifts from his teacher. One of the gifts was a baggie of M&Ms with a poem inside, "More Than Colors".

More Than Colors
These special little candies,
Come in colors bright and fun.
There's more than color to be found;
A Story of God's Son.

The M's turn into W's,
If you turn them upside down.
A few more turns and E and 3's
Are waiting to be found.

M is for the manger,
Where Mary laid her precious boy.
Little did the world know,
This boy would bring great joy.

The W is for the Wise men,
Who followed a bright star.
The star revealed a king was born,
They came but, oh, so far.

In Bethlehem they found Him,
Just as they had been told.
3 is for the gifts they brought;
Frankincense, myrrh, and gold.

W is also for their worship.
As they bowed before their King,
Salvation is the promise given,
There's nothing we can bring.

Faith along is how we come
He died to set us free
E is for eternity
God's gift to you and me.

~Barbara Hooks

You could print this on some nice stationery or print it on colored paper and cut around it with scalloped scissors. This would be a nice addition to a simple gift.

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