Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beginning of School Bulletin Board Ideas

Usually at the beginning of the school year each teacher has a bulletin board that welcomes this year's students. Many times it has some sort of catchy saying and includes the students' names. The kids get excited to find their name on the bulletin board. Here are a few bulletin boards that I found in my school. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but now you know how the beginning of school can be. ;)

Look Who's Popping Into First Grade - Last year was my first year using this board. I used bulletin board paper for the popcorn tub and simply painted white stripes on it. I printed my name and attached it to the middle. A teacher friend of mine drew three different popcorn shapes for me and I made enough for each student's name. This year I was back in first grade again (and not so overwhelmed) so I laminated the popcorn and wrote the students' names on them with a dry erase marker so that I can reuse them. Now each year will be even easier.  :)  My hubby likes to put this bulletin board up for me. He puts tissue paper behind the popcorn tub to make it have a 3D appearance. 

We are O-FISH-ally in Third Grade! - Of course you can use any grade level for these bulletin boards. I love how colorful this board is. I wish you could see the details on these handmade fish. The fish bubbles have students' names on them.

"WHALE"come to Mrs. Gray's Class - Of course, this one could say a particular grade level or teacher's name. This teacher used two different colors of blue paper and cut a wave-like pattern.  The little whales have students' names.

Do you have any back to school bulletin boards to share? Leave a comment below.

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