Saturday, July 12, 2008

Preschool Progress Report: 4 and 5 Year Olds

As I am packing to move, I continue to come across things that I think you all would like to see. This week I found a preschool progress report for four and five year olds. Please remember that this is a guide and that your child does not need to master all of these goals. These are things to look for and strive towards.

Evaluation Key: This progress report is designed for four and five year old preschool children.

G = Good Progress
W = Working on Skill
NA = Not Applicable

Self-Reliance Skills
I go to the bathroom alone.
I am learning to dress myself.
I can brush my teeth.

Practical Skills
I can say my first and last names.
I know how old I am.
I know some colors.
I can recognize/point to body parts.

Social/Emotional Skills
I accept and respond to my teacher's authority.
I respect and show concern for people and things around me.
I play and share cooperatively with other children.
I have a good self-image.
I have appropriate control over my feelings.

I follow routines independently.
I can follow direction.
I can work well in small groups.
I am learning not to disturb classmates while they work.
I seek only my share of teacher's attention.

Listening Skills
I listen quietly; my attention span is lengthening.
I respond to a story by answering questions.

Speaking Skills
I speak clearly.
I communicate in sentences.
I can answer some questions.
I am expanding my vocabulary.
I wait my turn when speaking in a group.

Fine Motor Skills
I use my small muscles in:
Holding, using my crayons
Holding, using my pencils
Holding, using my scissors
Easel/watercolor painting
Simple puzzle assembly
Stringing beads
Manipulating small pieces
Manipulating zippers
Manipulating buttons
Manipulating snaps
Tying my shoes

Gross Motor Skills
Walk up/down stairs (alternating my feet)
Walk (forward, backward)
Jump in place (two feet together)
Balance (left foot, right foot)
Hop (one foot, two feet)
Throw a large ball forward
Kick a large ball forward
Catch a large ball
Bounce a large ball
Do a forward somersault
Take part in games

Reading Readiness
I can say the alphabet (rote memory).
Lower case alphabet: Identify some letter names
Produce some letter sounds
Upper case alphabet: Identify some letter names
Produce some letter sounds
I can print my first name.
I can recognize eight colors.
I can identify human feelings (sad, happy).
I can identify likenesses/differences.
I know some opposite words (hot/cold).
I know some position orientation words (top/bottom).

Math Readiness
I can rote count to ________.
Recognize some numbers
Name some numbers
Recognize some shapes
I can find shapes in my environment.
I can identiy size difference (big, little).
I can sequence different sizes (small, smaller, smallest).
I can categorize objects (shape, color, size, texture).

Music-Art-Science-Social Studies Readiness Skills
I participate in music activities.
I participate in art activities.
I participate in science activities.
I participate in social studies activities.

Start of year
End of year
Start of year
End of year


Brunabug said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! My little guy is only 3 but looking at this list really shows me that he is progressing. He can already do several of these things. This list also helps me know what we can focus on to help him as he grow up. And knowing that he has two years to work on this is such a relief to me.

ThriftyMommy said...

Brenda: I'm glad this is a help to you. I also came across some evaluations for the younger ages. I'm so busy packing though. I hope that I have time to share these things. Thanks for dropping by.

Us said...

I look forward to seeing the progress report for the younger kids :) My son has already accomplished some things on this list. As Brenda said, it really is nice to see how well your little ones are doing. :)

Unknown said...

Thanx a ton this will really help me as a preschool teacher to grade my kids....