Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Handprint Flower Craft

As some of you know, I will be moving in just a few weeks. My time here at Little Fun is limited, but as I come across some of my old teaching things I'm trying to share those ideas with you.

This is a hand and footprint flower that is easy to do and inexpensive to make. (Well, other than getting the kids to sit still! lol)

To make:

1) With a paint brush, paint the child's foot with green paint. Press foot down onto cardstock paper.

Tips: I have found that if the children look at their foot while pressing it down, they will try to press it down themselves and it makes a smudged mess. I ask the child to look at something while I press their foot down. This helps a lot! I had a pan of water sitting by to clean the children's feet. It looked like I was having a foot washing service. ;)

2) On separate cardstock, make the petals of the flower using the child's handprints. As you can see from the picture, you can face the handprints whichever direction you choose. After the petals dry, cut around them to make a flower shape.

3) Use the child's forearm for the stem. I wait until the feet have dried before I do this. Cut around the feet (leaves) and forearm (stem). Attach the handprints (petals) to the feet and forearm by stapling them together. If you choose, you can use a poster board instead of having to attach the pieces together.

Although this craft is easy, it is very time consuming when you have 13 children in your class. I suggest spreading it out over several days.

If I remember correctly, this idea came from an older Mailbox magazine.

Have fun!


Revka said...

I love hand and footprint crafts - so cute!

jennwa said...

Those are adorable.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Hey great 'messy' craft! I'm writing an article about children's crafts for an online mommy networking site:

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Can I use the picture on this post and the idea??!