Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Shield of Faith

Vacation Bible School is in full swing, so I can't promise that I will post very often this week. Here is another of the armor of God stories I wrote.

The Best Shield

"Pillow fight!" yelled Kathy.

She and her friend Jane, who was spending the night, were getting ready for bed, but Kathy thought a pillow fight sounded like more fun. Jane grabbed a pillow and swung it at Kathy who blocked the attack with her pillow. Soon the girls were laughing very hard as they tried their best to hit each other with the pillows.
Hearing all the noise, Kathy's mom came into the room.

"Girls, no more pillow fights. It's time to get in bed," she said.

"Yes, ma'am," both girls replied.

As the girls climbed into bed, Mrs. Davis said, "You know, a pillow fight is a lot of fun. I remember having pillow fights with my brothers and sisters growing up. Sometimes we would pretend that our pillows were shields and that we were fighting a big battle."

"That sounds like fun, Mom!" Kathy replied.

"It was a lot of fun, and it makes me think of something else. You remember our family devotions from last night - when we read Ephesians 6, right? Well, this pillow fight is a good example of the battle every
Christian faces. Of course, your pillow fight was just a bit of fun, but the war Christians face is serious, and instead of pillows, Satan tries to hit us with things that can really hurt us."

"Like what?" Jane asked.

"Well, Satan hurls darts of discouragement and discontent our way. He might try to make us doubt God and
His Word, or he may just try to get us to have a bad attitude. All of these darts can really hurt us. Do you know what the Bible says is our shield?" Mrs. Davis asked.

"Sure, Mom, I remember that! Ephesians 6 says that we have a shield of faith. But how does faith protect us from those darts that Satan throws our way?"

"Faith trusts God and believes that He is in control of every situation that comes into our lives. Faith doesn't get discouraged or discontented. Faith doesn't have a bad attitude because faith always looks to God and knows that whatever He does is best."

"So you mean that when I want to be discouraged or have a bad attitude, I need to trust in God instead?" Jane questioned.

"Exactly, Jane. If you girls will remember to have faith, you will find that Satan's darts can't hurt you." Mrs. Davis replied. "All right, end of story. Go to bed now and sleep well."

As Mrs. Davis walked out of the room, Kathy and Jane snuggled into bed, secure in the knowledge that faith in
God would protect them from Satan's attacks.

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