Monday, April 23, 2007

Grand Opening

Okay, I certainly have not kept my pledge to post more frequently! This post isn't even about anything "littles"-related, either. I'd like you to see for yourself the reason for my prolonged absence. Today marks the official Grand Opening of RS Designs, my custom blog header design business. Since I've finally got that up and running, I think I'll be able to return to my normal blogging routine, including posting here at Little Fun on a much more regular basis!

Would you mind taking a look at my new site and leaving me some feedback? I'd really appreciate it.


Monday, April 9, 2007

Letter V crafts and activities

Boy, it seems like forever since I have posted about the alphabet! Today we are focusing on the Letter V.

The first word that comes into my mind when I think of V is violin. also thinks violin is a great V word. They offer a Violin Theme page as well as ideas for Vulture, Volcano, Valentine, and more. Try their Vegetable Basket craft, Letter V Activity worksheet and Printable Materials, and Letter V Mini Book.

Another V word is vegetable. At Preschool Express by Jean Warren, the "V" Activities page includes instructions for a Vegetable Guess game, a Vegetable Poster craft, V Snacks (raw vegetables, vanilla ice cream, and more), the original "Don't Forget Your Vegetables" song, and many other activities to help you teach the letter V.

Here are some other sites that offer free resources for teaching the letter V.

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

In celebration of Christ's Resurrection

We pause today to remember Christ's wonderful and miraculous resurrection. Thank you, Lord, that You not only died to save us from our sins but that You also proved your power over death, sin, and hell by rising from the dead. Thank You that we serve a risen and soon-coming Lord.


Friday, April 6, 2007

My Favorite Letters & Sounds Curriculum

Hello everyone! I am pleased to be a guest blogger on Revka's Little Fun; Little Learning. In case we haven't met before, my name is Karen and I am a writer for the blog Thrifty Mommy.

While I am indeed a thrifty mommy, I am also a preschool teacher. I have been in the education field for about 10 years now and have been teaching preschool for about 4 years.

Today I would like to share with you my favorite curriculum for teaching preschoolers their letters and sounds. This is my second year using this curriculum and my students are having excellent results.

Letter of the Week (Book 1) is by the creaters of The Mailbox. Many activity suggestions are provided for each letter. If you will click on this link, you will find a very small sample of the activity ideas for "M week".

Most of my preschoolers come to school Tuesday-Thursday and I plan my activities accordingly. Here's an idea of what we do each week:

Tuesday: Introduce letter of the week and it's sound and begin our weekly list. In my classroom I have a bulletin board that has lists of words. For each week I have a colored piece of paper on the board and we put words on the list that we discover during the week that start with the letter we are learning. The students are getting pretty good at this activity now and they'll come to school proud that they can tell me a word they discovered that starts with our letter. We also do a literacy activity from the Letter of the Week book. Unfortunately, there is not an example of this on the site, so here's a sample of the ones for "W week" that I was cutting out yesterday. Sorry, they're not completed yet, but you get the idea.

Each day I also read books that go along with our letter of the week and we sing songs and fingerplays too. There are some examples of fingerplays and songs on the Mailbox sample link I gave you earlier. I use more songs and fingerplays from other sources.

Wednesday: Review our letter of the week, add words to our weekly letter list, and we usually do another consonant activity. Next week for "W week" the students will have a worksheet with several pictures. We will talk about each picture and discuss whether it starts with our letter or not. If the picture starts with "W" then the students will color the picture. This also becomes a great listening activity. Many students struggle with following directions and this activity teaches them to listen for a teacher's prompt and not to just do their own thing. Sometimes on Wednesdays I have some extra time left to review other letters or skills we have already learned.

Thursday: We review the letter and learn how to write it. The curriculum has a page where the students can practice their writing. It also has a picture on the page that the students can complete. There is usually a sentence they have to complete that goes along with their picture. I've seen that this activity helps to stretch their imaginations and become creative. I have been saving these writing pages all year and will soon combine them to make an alphabet book that they can take home. It will be interesting to compare the pages and see how their skills have improved throughout the year. It is a great keepsake for parents.

I usually try to do an art or craft activity to go along with our letter each week. For "V week" I cut out pictures of vegetables from magazines and we made vegetable collages. It was also a lesson for the students about what vegetables are.

While searching for the picture for this curriculum, I also learned that The Mailbox has Book 2 available. After looking at the sample page on their site, I believe this is a book I would like to invest in buying.

Thanks to Revka for inviting me as a guest blogger. Maybe I can share some ideas with you again some time.


Monday, April 2, 2007


Easter is one of the most significant of our Christian holidays, for without Christ's resurrection there would be no salvation. I tell my girls that, while it is a lot of fun to eat chocolate bunnies and hunt for eggs, Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection from the dead.

Here are some links to aid you in teaching your child about the true meaning of Easter.

I will write another post for "springtime" activities and crafts that you may find useful for this time of year, but I wanted to emphasize that Easter is the celebration of Christ's resurrection. How do you teach your child the true meaning of Easter?

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Please pray

I sometimes forget that I can write whatever I would like on my blogs and become focused on writing only about my target subject here at Little Fun. While I do like to write about child-related topics, I feel that it is appropriate for me to go off-subject for this post.

Layne Daniel is our former pastor. He recently suffered a seizure and ended up in Chapel Hill with a diagnosis of bleeding on the brain. The doctors suspected that he had a tumor on the frontal lobe of his brain. In a heart-breaking turn of events, that suspicion was found to be fact. Surgery was performed, and the tumor was found to be malignant. The doctors estimated that it had only been there for about a month, but it was already the size of a golf ball. The doctors were able to remove all of the tumor that they could see, but the tumor was found to be a class 4 of 4. This particular kind of tumor grows back after surgery more often than not.

I spoke with his wife tonight. Tomorrow will be two weeks since his brain surgery. He preached at church tonight and did well but was, understandably, tired afterward. He goes to Chapel Hill on Tuesday for a consultation and begins radiation treatments on Wednesday. He will be receiving chemo orally and will have radiation treatments five times a week for the next 6 1/2 weeks. He and his wife will be staying in Chapel Hill during the week and will be home on weekends. His wife has taken a leave of absence from her teaching position, but their children will be finishing out the school year.

Please pray for this family. The future does not look hopeful, but we know that God controls the future. Thanks for your prayers. I'll keep you updated as I hear more news.