Monday, April 9, 2007

Letter V crafts and activities

Boy, it seems like forever since I have posted about the alphabet! Today we are focusing on the Letter V.

The first word that comes into my mind when I think of V is violin. also thinks violin is a great V word. They offer a Violin Theme page as well as ideas for Vulture, Volcano, Valentine, and more. Try their Vegetable Basket craft, Letter V Activity worksheet and Printable Materials, and Letter V Mini Book.

Another V word is vegetable. At Preschool Express by Jean Warren, the "V" Activities page includes instructions for a Vegetable Guess game, a Vegetable Poster craft, V Snacks (raw vegetables, vanilla ice cream, and more), the original "Don't Forget Your Vegetables" song, and many other activities to help you teach the letter V.

Here are some other sites that offer free resources for teaching the letter V.

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Karen_thrifty said...

Wow. It has been a while for you. We're working on "W" this week. We're a bit behind. We took 2 weeks off - 1 for weather and 1 for Easter.