Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Building Blocks Cake

I found this cake idea today at Betty Crocker. Looks like a cute and easy cooking project to involve the kids. For older children, you could talk about fractions. This would also make a cute and thrifty cake for a birthday party. Go to Betty Crocker for complete instructions.

Other easy cake ideas:
Butterfly Cake
Spring Cupcake Baskets - Very cute!
Birthday Cupcakes
Goin' Fishin' Cupcakes

I'm sure you can browse around their site and find more great ideas!


Revka said...

Cool cakes, Karen! Thanks for sharing; I'm sure I will use these at some point.

Jen said...

Those are so cute!! TFS!!

Karen_thrifty said...

I'm glad you like them. It's nice to find cake and cupcake ideas that are simple.