Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Valentine Crafts

Here is a picture of some Valentine crafts I made last year with my preschool class.

1) Heart collage - Thankfully, I had a die cut machine to help out with all of the hearts. What a time saver! I just gave the children a bunch of different hearts to choose from and let them paint the glue on the paper and attach the hearts. If you're brave, you could throw in a little glitter. ;)

2) Painted hearts - These are painted hearts we did with marbles. I cut heart shapes from large cardstock style paper. I dipped the marbles into different colors of paint. I put the large heart into a box top (such as one that comes with copy paper) and used spoons to dip the marbles out of the paint and put them onto the heart. The students will turn the box top all different ways to make marble designs on their heart.

3) Valentine cards - I let the students add hearts to the cards with my foam stampers and some hearts cut from construction paper. Although this card doesn't show it, I used their hands to make a heart. To make the heart I put paint on each of their hands and pressed their hands (fingers down), overlapping the thumbs. Handprint art is always a hit. They also used heart stickers to decorate the cards.

They also made Valentine bags with white lunch bags. They used markers and hearts that I had cut from construction paper to decorate their bags. I hung them on the bulletin board so that they could get Valentines in their bags throughout the week.

I really like to do the golf ball paint/marble paint activity. This works for many occasions. For Christmas, you could paint on a green Christmas tree and add some sequins or beads for ornaments. For St. Patrick’s Day you could use this activity for a shamrock. It’s very versatile and the kids really enjoy this activity.

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