Monday, October 27, 2008

Homework Every Night?

My daughter is in kindergarten. I'm pleased with the progress that she has made, but I have one issue that is really bothering me. She has homework EVERY night!!!! The teacher sends it home on Monday and it must be returned to school on Friday.

When I was a teacher, I made a point of not assigning homework just to be assigning it. I tried not to give any on Wednesday nights because I know that many churches have services on Wednesdays.

What do you think? Do you think homework every night is too much or just right? I'd love to know your opinion.


Days like These! said...

My son is in preschool and he receives homework. Poor guy, he always says...NO MORE PROJECTS!

He's only 4. I'm afraid of what to expect.

Preschool Playbook said...

My son is also in kindergarten. He gets a folder on Monday and it has to be back by Friday also. One thing is that there are usually no more than 3 papers in the folder. Plus his teacher doesn't push the homework--she said she sends it home to make them feel like the "big kids." It gives them something to do it they would like.

Sometimes I feel so sad that these little ones are pushed into this type of schooling so quickly. I was so sad when I had to send my little guy to kindergarten this year. My oldest is 21 and I so remember his fun days in kindergarten. Nowadays those fun days seem to be gone. It's like in to school you go--sit down, take out your work....I must say that I am happy with his teacher. She doesn't stress the homework and she tries to do art projects with them at least twice a week, along with getting all the "standards" completed. So my fears have subsided a little, but I know not all teachers are like this. Who knows what I'll be like next year. I am shocked at the first comment that her little guy brings homework from preschool!

Karen_thrifty said...

When I taught preschool, we gave homework as an option, but it certainly was not required. Sometimes I would send home extra stuff if the kids wanted to do it or if the parents asked for it. I'd also send home extra help for the students that were struggling with something. It was something the parents and I had communicated about. I just think homework every night is too much to expect. My daughter wants to play when she gets home. She doesn't want to sit down and work.