Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowman Votive Craft

Parents and grandparents always enjoy cute handmade gifts from children, especially when they're made from handprints or fingerprints.

This snowman is simply made from a child's finger. Paint white paint on their finger and press lightly onto the votive holder. After the paint dries you can add the arms, buttons, etc with a fine tip brush or permanent marker. You might even want to paint the child's name and date on the side or bottom.

Teacher tip: When making handprint gifts, be sure to have the child look away as you press their hand. When the child is looking, they tend to press their hands themselves or jerk away from you which leaves a blurry mess.

This idea is very similar to the snowman ornament that I shared with you a few years ago.

Do you have any kid-friendly handmade gift ideas to share?

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