Saturday, July 7, 2007

Letter Y crafts and activities

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On to the letter Y!

  • From my new favorite site, Brightly Beaming Resources, comes the Letter of the Week segment for the Letter Y. Their site includes great ideas relating Y to Language Arts, Music, Snacks, Bible Story/Character Trait, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art Projects, Sport and Games, and a Field Trip. (I had to laugh when I saw their link to this Internet yodel course! I particularly liked the disclaimer: "I take no responsibility for the consequences of yodeling in social situations. This includes: lawsuits, strange looks, uproarious laughing, traffic accidents, major moves up or down in the stock market, divorces or loss of employment. However, I do accept full responsibility for the smiles and laughter the practice of yodeling might elicit. - Norm, 1996"
  • offers printable Letter Y stories, coloring pages, and a Letter Y word with pictures puzzle book, and more.
  • Preschool has Y Arts and Crafts (featuring yarn, yellow, and yo-yo's), Music and Songs about yaks, and Snacks (yams and yogosicles - popsicles made with yogurt).
  • At Preschool by Stormie, you will learn how to make yogurt fingerpaint, something your child will surely love.
As always, the following sites offer excellent alphabet activity resources:

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