Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Teaching Symmetry

PetiteMommy was asking today for thoughts on teaching symmetry to her first grader. I tried to think back to my days of teaching first grade. Whew, that was . . . seven years ago?!?! Oh my! Anyway, after some remembering and googling, I found these ideas:

1) Look at pictures of lady bugs and butterflies. Discuss how the different sides look the same.

2) Make symmetric figures using pattern blocks or tangrams.

3) Fold paper in half and begin cutting. Unfold paper to see a symmetric shape.

4) Put a mirror beside pictures to where you can see the exact same picture in the mirror.

5) Check out this video from TeacherTube.

7) Links Learning has a good symmetry video/lesson too, but it is probably best suited for first and second grade.

8) Homeschool math also has a line symmetry lesson.

9) Make a snowflake.

10) Examine the letters of the alphabet. Find some letters that are symmetrical. If possible, have letter cut outs and try to fold them to find symmetry.

Do you have any suggestions for teaching symmetry?

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