Sunday, February 25, 2007

Highlighting a neat Mom blog

I just recently found Mom's Niche Blog. I was going to link to a couple of posts that I think are really relevant for this blog, but I REALLY like the whole blog so I decided to devote a whole post to sharing this wonderful place with you.

Mom's Niche Blog is written by a work-at-home mom who also has 3 children. She regularly shares recipes, offers honest reviews of various products, talks about her family and life experiences, and just creates a warm place for moms.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

There is so much more at Mom's Niche Blog. I'm sure that, if you go visit, you'll fall in love with her site, too. I'm adding it to my Blog Roll as soon as I publish this post!


Tracy said...

Revka - Thank you so much! It is nice to know that #1 somebody is actually reading my blog :) and #2 that you think so much of what I'm writing.

I really appreciate this post!

Revka said...

Tracy, you are quite welcome. As I said at the Blog Jolt, I really don't know how on earth I missed your blog. It's great! I appreciate your taking the time to comment here. It's fun to get jolted, isn't it? :)