Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nick Jr Celebrates Thanksgiving

I have noticed something pretty aggravating about the Nick Jr. site--whenever you find something you like, you'd better bookmark it. The site is constantly changing. One day you could find something that you like and the next day you go to look for and you could search for a while.

Thankfully, last week I bookmarked their Thanksgiving page for you. There is plenty to do. There are recipes, a Thanksgiving tree, place cards, placemats, printables, craft ideas, and ideas to help your child stay active.

Yesterday, I was on my phone with a good friend and her child was about to drive her nuts. I told her to click on Nick Jr. and let her child have fun. She immediately found a Holly Hobbie game she wanted to play. Now here's my tip: Save special stuff like this for when you absolutely have to have something to keep your child busy. That way, being on this site or any other site won't become a normal day activity that will be "no big deal" to them. When you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner and need your child out of your way and fast, tips like these can really be a help. :)
Have you found any great sites? Please leave them in the comments.

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