Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kindergarten Report

A few days ago I gave you a progress report for 3 and 4 year olds. Today I found a kindergarten report. My basement is full of all kinds of treasures. :)

Check plus = Commendable - The student has exceeded the expectations for him or her individually or for the group.
Check = Performing Successfully - The student has attained the performance level for his or her group or for the child individually.
Check minus = Experiencing Difficulty - The student has not reached the performance level for his or her group or for the child individually.

_____ Has positive attitude toward self
_____ Considers the feelings of others
_____ Interacts well with peers
_____ Monitors and controls own behavior
_____ Exhibits appropriate listening skills
_____ Attempts to solve own problems
_____ Accepts responsibility for personal possessions

_____ Speaks so that he/she is understood
_____ Uses age appropriate vocabulary
_____ Listens and responds appropriately to language
_____ Verbalizes own thoughts and ideas in a group

_____ Controls pencil well
_____ Manages scissors and pasting comfortably

_____ Enjoys books, stories, records, listening tapes
_____ Knows letters covered to date
_____ Name
_____ Formation
_____ Sound
_____ Can retell a story
_____ Understands story content
_____ Can predict outcomes
_____ Blends sounds comfortably
_____ Attacks new words independently

_____ Associates a number symbol with number name
_____ Recognizes and continues patterns
_____ Applies knowledge of numbers to daily activities
_____ Forms numerals correctly
_____ Responds to oral math activities
_____ Understands basic coin values
_____ Can join sets
_____ Can separate sets
_____ Compares objects as to length, size, shape, quantity
_____ Understands counting order
_____ Understands basic shapes

_____ Exhibits interest in learning
_____ Values own work
_____ Exhibits age appropriate attention span
_____ Listens to and follows individual directions
_____ Listens to and follows group directions
_____ Works independently
_____ Thinks independently
_____ Uses time wisely
_____ Seeks help when needed

_____ French _____ Music _____ Physical Education

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