Thursday, July 17, 2008

Social and Emotional Development

More stuff from my basement. :)

The Three Year Old - A Year of Beginnings

  • more extended child to child interaction and cooperative play
  • friendships, but friends are often whoever the child is playing with right now
  • "You're not my friend anymore" is a common phrase.
  • taking turns and sharing, but still pretty "me, me, me" oriented
  • humor - They love the ridiculous, slap stick, silly language, and wild silly games.
  • feels sympathetic to other children
  • "imaginary companions" may appear
  • feelings of independence and pride emerge
  • common fears are loud noises, the dark, animals
  • loves to help
  • the 3 1/2 year old may exhibit a rebellious, testing attitude

The Four Year Old - An Exuberant Year

  • mostly cooperative play, little solitary play
  • joins most group activities willingly
  • outgoing and boastful; will tattle, but is generally polite and cooperative
  • sharing is easier, learning to negotiate and to compromise
  • exuberance, bordering on wildness requires adults to set limits
  • can be aggressive, lots of superhero worship and interest in violence
  • extreme with emotions, either loves or hates things
  • impatient and jealous, likes to be center of attention
  • silly and playful, experimenting with swear and bathroom words
  • anxious to tell family tales and new adventures outside home
  • takes pride in accomplishments

The Five Year Old - The Composed, "Together" Year

  • calm, serene, wants to be "good", to do what is expected by adults
  • develops strong friendships, and will defend friends is they are in trouble
  • like familiar things and repeating same activity
  • has good judgement about what can and can't do, eager to accept responsibility
  • "lying" is common, will take things that belong to others
  • accepts punishment, but soon forgets
  • likes humor a lot, and will share it with adults' makes up nonsense language
  • has active curiosity about babies; increasingly aware of sexual differences
  • able to follow through on projects that take more than a day
  • the 5 1/2 year old may become brash, disobedient, overdemanding

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