Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun-Filled Friday

Thanks to Revka for this week's links.

Hot Dog Train - Creative Alternative for Your Toddler - What a neat idea for getting your kids to eat things they wouldn't normally eat. My kids won't eat carrots, so I would use carrots for the wheels of the train. If your kids won't eat pineapple, then you could try using pineapple instead of cheese between the cars. Cute!

Rock Candy Recipe - Of course, this is a recipe for rock candy. I would have never dreamed you could make it this way. I've made rock candy once before, but it was a time consuming task of boiling stuff and using a candy thermometer. This way looks much easier!

Home Made Finger Paint Recipe - We're at Busy Mom's site again for a finger paint recipe. Easy and thrifty . . . two of my favorite things!

Ideas for Family Game Nights - - Perfect for family fun night or a way to break a day of boredom. Be sure to bookmark this for those cold, wintery days.

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