Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Me Again - edited 8/17/07

I bet you thought that you had heard the last from me. *smile*

Actually, I met Karen in real life for the first time today. She is at her parents' home for about a week. They happen to live about 45 minutes from us, so the girls and I traveled down that way today. While we were visiting, we found out that her father's computer has a very strict firewall set up, so she cannot log in to Little Fun. Karen asked me to let you know that she will return to regular posting today - oops! that was supposed to say "next week"!

It was so nice to meet Karen. She is the same in person as she is on her blogs or on the telephone, and our kids really enjoyed playing together. Karen's father took the kids for a ride in the wagon that attaches to the back of his riding lawn mower, which I thought I would mention in case any of you have that capability but just hadn't thought of the idea. Also, hayride season will be upon us shortly. I'm going to plan to take my girls on a hay ride. I know they would enjoy it.

Have a great weekend. Karen will be back in no time.


Karen_thrifty said...

Thanks for covering for me Revka. It was great to meet you.

Revka said...

Same here. :) I'm looking forward to seeing you again, and I'll cover for you any time.