Tuesday, August 28, 2007

We Have a Cat

Yesterday afternoon the kids were driving me nuts. I think they were just a mess from being separated while Alligator was at her first day of school. By 7 pm I'd had enough and was ready for a break from the kids (which I haven't had in weeks).

I talked the hubby into watching them while I went out. It was nice. I went to the library to get some new movies for me and the kids, to CVS to see if they had any good deals (didn't find any), and then to Target to return some things.

While I was in Target the hubby calls and wants me to pick up some cat things. What? Hubby took the kids for a walk and found a stray kitten at the church down the road. He said that the cat was friendly with our kids and that they played together nicely in the parking lot. Then when it was time to leave, he told the kids not to talk to the cat or to turn around and look at it. The kitten followed them home.

When I got home with the flea shampoo, cat food, and litter, the cat was locked in the bathroom to avoid spreading fleas. We gave the cat a good long bath and picked about 50 fleas off of her(?). She stayed in the bathroom last night to ensure that she gets used to the litter box.

Now I have to go out and spend some more money on the cat. We used a box top last night for the litter pan, so we need a litter box. That'll probably cost me $22-25. And we need some toys because it's a kitten and she's trying to scratch everyone. Geez. I can see the dollars signs.

Oh well . . . more later on the whole situation.


Brenda said...

Funny that this happened to you guys. Just last Wednesday we had a little black stray cat in our back yard. It was so hungry and then after I fed it some food it was so friendly. My son had such a great time with him. But I could not take it in. Already have two cats, a 2 year old and a three week old baby. Way to much to take care of already. Sad, but I had to take it to the shelter to have them find a home for him.
Hope that you enjoy your new little kitten.

Karen_thrifty said...

Brenda: It is sad that animals are dropped off and left to fend for themselves. Worse yet, the continue to reproduce and then we have stray animals all over the place. I'm thankful that we were able to give this animal a home. I was disappointed though, because I was thinking of adopting a cat from PetsMart. For about $80, you can get a cat that already has its shots, has been examined by a vet, is litter trained, and is spayed or neutered. Some of them are even declawed. Oh well, I guess this one was meant for us.