Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fun-Filled Friday: Fall Arts & Crafts

Tanyetta emailed me and asked for fall/nature craft ideas. Here are some that I have used in past years with my preschool classes. The children really seem to enjoy doing these. I hope you enjoy them. If you need help with some ideas or a particular theme, leave a comment and I'll try to help you. :)

Fall Tree

This can be done 2 different ways.
1) Trace child's forearm and hand. Have child color the hand and forearm brown to be the tree trunk and branches. Give the child brown, green, yellow, orange, and red construction paper. Help the child tear the paper into little pieces. Glue the pieces on the tree and on the ground to be the leaves.
2) Paint child's forearm and hand with brown tempera paint. Press the hand and forearm onto the construction paper. This makes the trunk and branches for the tree. Leaves can be made by dipping the child's fingers into different colors of paint (brown, green, yellow, orange, red) and pressing onto the paper.

Fall Collage

1)Take children on a nature walk. Let them collect leaves, gum balls, small twigs, etc. Glue the items onto construction paper.
2) Take children on a nature walk. Collect different types and colors of leaves. Glue them onto construction paper. Label the paper "Leaves are Falling".

Leaf Rubbings

Collect several different types of leaves. Place a leaf on the table and cover it with thin paper. Take a crayon and rub the paper. Use different leaves and colors of crayons.

Leaf People

Collect different types of leaves. Have the children pick out leaves to be the bodies of the people. Glue them onto the paper. Have the children add head, arms, legs, feet, etc to their leaf people.

Golf Ball Leaves

Cut leaf shapes out of construction paper or paper for painting. Put the leaf shapes into a box top (like you would get with a case of copy paper). Dip golf balls or marbles into fall colored paints (using a plastic spoon works well). Put golf balls into the box top and help the child roll the golf balls around, making prints on top of leaf shapes.

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tAnYeTTa said...

thank you! the nature walk was a hit. the kids had loads of fun. i am planning to post the event on my blog this weekend.

thank you again. i also used a poem that i found on one of your links. i can't remember which link to give them credit but, it was from your blog so they are good people :)

p.s. you know i come to your site FIRST to get ideas for the learning journey with my son! thank you for creating such a rich resource!