Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fun-Filled Friday: Fire Prevention

October is Fire Prevention month, so why not teach your kids something while allowing them to have fun?! Here are some links to some great fire prevention activities:


Activity Idea Place

Angel Fire

Preschool Education, snacks, songs.

USFA Kids, here too

Perpetual Preschool

Home fire plan coloring pages

Sparky the Fire Dog

Staying Alive

Apples 4 the Teacher

Do 2 Learn

Firefighters are My Friends Coloring Book - I did this one last year with my preschoolers.


Cara said...

Thanks for the reminder that it's Fire Prevention Month. You prompted me to blog about it...

Anonymous said...

We recently had a home fire, and wish to help others through our experience. PLEASE SHARE with your community. Thank You! - Suzann Brucato

The classical elements of life are fire, earth, water, and air. What though are the elements of living? Having recently experienced a home fire, our family has learned what those basic elements are ... family first, then shelter including clothes and a safe place to sleep, faith in God and in ourselves, and food to nourish both our bodies and our spirits. We have recently published FIRE, EARTH, WATER, AIR, a family literary magazine sharing words and images reflecting our journey ... through the fire. We hope they help you find PEACE. - preview available at