Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fun-Filled Friday: More Fall Stuff

Hey you all. I'm leaving for Virginia tomorrow to see my buddy Kelly. She co-authors with me at Thrifty Mommy. This week's Fun-Filled Friday is going to be posted a bit early due to our traveling plans.

I did a little digging today and found some activities from when I teaching a 2-year-old preschool class. There are also some things from when my daughter was in a 1-year-old class.

Top picture:
1. There is an orange leaf shape that has been painted, I think with a string. You just dip the string in paint and let the child move the string across the paper.
2. The second is a triangle that is just colored with an orange marker. Previously, I told you about having a color and shape of the month. In October, our shape was a triangle and our color was orange. I actually think this one was something that my daughter did in her 1-year-old class.
3. Last is a fingerpainted pumpkin.

Next picture:

1. A squirrel with cotton glued on his tail. (Supposed to be his tail. lol My daughter was only 1 at the time.) You can also talk to the children about how the squirrels are gathering food for the winter.
2. Another triangle. This one is painted orange. Something else from my daughter's 1-year-old class.

More fall ideas:
1. Ghosts - This one is more for Halloween. You paint the children's hands with white paint and press them on a black piece of paper. The palm of the hand becomes the top of the ghost and the fingers pointing downward are the bottom of the ghost. Glue wiggle eyes on the palm.
2. Watercolor leaves - Trace a leaf pattern onto white paper. Have the children paint the leaf with water color paints. Glue the leaf onto black construction paper.
3. Squirrel - This is a variation of the one shown above. Cut a squirrel out of white construction paper. Let the children color the squirrel grey. Give the children small white squares of tissue paper to glue on the squirrel's tail. Or you can help them wrap the squares around a pencil to make the paper curled and give the tail a more bushy look.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. There are more fall ideas at Little Fun; Little Learning that have been posted during the last few weeks. I hope you'll stay and lurk around some. :)

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Melissa said...

These ideas are wonderful! I love the variety and the different ways to use paint to keep the little ones interested. It reminded me of the fun projects I used to do in school.

Thanks so much for sharing this!