Tuesday, January 9, 2007

10 Favorite Bible songs for children

Singing is a great activity that all kids seem to enjoy. My children love to sing little Sunday School choruses. Here are their top 10 favorites.

  1. I'm in the Lord's Army
  2. The B-I-B-L-E
  3. Deep and Wide
  4. Wide, Wide As the Ocean
  5. I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
  6. Jesus Loves Me
  7. Jesus Loves the Little Children
  8. Behold, Behold, I Stand at the Door and Knock, Knock, Knock
  9. Oh, Be Careful Little Eyes
  10. Only a Boy Named David (the lyrics provided are slightly different from the version we sing)
Many of the links above are from which provides free printable lyrics to several of the popular Bible songs. Another site to which I linked is Sunday School Sources. They not only have lyrics but also have some sound files as well as lessons and other ideas for your class or children.


knowhimwell said...

I sing a different version of "Only a Boy Named David" too. I learned mine from the Gaither record for kids. When I was little, I would listen to that record over and over again.

Congratulations on the new blog!

Revka said...

Thanks, Karen. I appreciate your stopping by. I'm not sure where I learned the version we sing. I think it the more popular of the two; at leat, I had always heard it our way.