Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Letter R crafts and activities

Yes, I'm finally getting back to the alphabet theme. I took a little break from the alphabet because I don't want to bore anyone by doing the same thing all the time so I try to vary what I post.

Froot Loops Rainbow

Suitable for 2+ years

  • Froot Loops cereal
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Something with which to write
  1. Separate the Froot Loops according to color. This would be good color practice for a child who is still working on color recognition.
  2. Draw a rainbow on the paper.
  3. Help or supervise your child as they glue a different color of cereal on each band of the rainbow.

If you are an adventurous parent, you can use the same idea but, instead of cereal, substitute finger or poster paint.

clip art of letter R courtesy of
raccoon craft illustration courtesy of First


knowhimwell said...

Thanks for the link.

Your new blog is looking good!

Revka said...

You're welcome, Karen. I hope you get some traffic from it! I'm glad you think the blog is looking good. I sure do work hard at it! I'm glad to say that it is already "out-performing" my personal blog as far as page loads and unique visitors go. Yea!