Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Inside activities

With the current rainy and cold weather, I thought I would share some links to indoor activities which will help keep your children occupied.

(All these ideas came from Family Education)

  • Hide and Seek - here's a different version; hide a ticking clock and have the child find it by its sound
  • Bean Bag Toss - make some bean bags for inside fun
  • Hot or Cold - play this with small toys or edible treats for an exciting change
  • Pillow throw - hit the moving target; PLAY THIS IN A PLACE WITH NO BREAKABLES

  • Let your runaway artist create his own mural - tie his crayons to his easel or create a place to tie them so that your child cannot write except where allowed
  • Paper bag faces - your child gets to tear paper into pieces, stuff them into a bag, and create his own puppet face
  • Froot Loop Sand - put that sugar-laden cereal to good use; your child will enjoy creating his own sand artwork on a sheet of paper
  • Play with boxes - encourage your child's imagination and story making abilities

Kitchen time
  • Light to dark - add food coloring to a glass of water, one drop at a time. Talk to your child about light and dark colors. (You could also mix colors and talk about how to create new colors.)
  • Apple smile - your toddler or older child will enjoy creating an edible smile complete with teeth
  • Alphabet sandwiches - using alphabet cereal, your child can write messages on a slice of bread spread with peanut butter
  • Living room picnic - create happy memories with your child
  • Kitchen helper - let your child help you put away silverware
Take advantage of this weather to spend some extra time enjoying your child.

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