Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Dollar Tree Stores deals

"Dollar stores" abound in our town as I am sure they do in yours. While there are plenty of low-quality goods to avoid purchasing at all costs, you can also find great bargains. Our Dollar Tree offers workbooks and flash cards for preschool through 3rd grade. My oldest daughter fell in love with the Winnie-the-Pooh, Disney Princess, and Barbie Doll workbooks. There are also Bob the Builder books and flash cards for the boys, and although I can't remember the exact character, I know there are other popular-with-boys character workbooks. My daughter is currently working in the Winnie-the-Pooh Colors and Shapes, ABC's, and 1-2-3's books. If I were to purchase these workbooks elsewhere, I would certainly pay at least $4 per book, four times what I pay at Dollar Tree.

Where do you like to go to find bargains on educational materials?

photo courtesy of National Guardian Security Services


knowhimwell said...

I agree. Over the years I have bought many things for my classroom from Dollar Tree. I recently purchased a My Little Pony workbook for my daughter. We keep it in the car and when we go to restaurants we take it with us. She can work on her numbers and she gets to do a little coloring too. She thinks it's a special treat. :)


Revka said...

I had forgotten about the My Little Pony books, and I didn't even mention the box of 3500 motivational stickers I saw. I love browsing there.

knowhimwell said...

Sometimes I can get in trouble in there. It's like we think 'oh, it's only a dollar' and then we get up to the register with a $24 bill. Eeek!

Revka said...

I do that, too. A dollar doesn't seem like much, but start multiplying items in your cart and see how quickly "just a dollar" can drain your bank account.