Monday, January 8, 2007

Introduction to this blog

Thank you for coming by. You may be wondering why I started this blog. Let me introduce you to my reasoning.

When I first published my personal blog on Blogger, I imported several posts from my Yahoo! 360 blog. Among those posts was one giving links to sites that offer free worksheets for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. That page has continued to be one of the top pages found through a search.

There are many parents out there searching for fun acivities and educational ideas for their children. I intend to help those parents find that for which they are searching. My target audience is the parent with children between the ages of 0-5. I hope to engage my audience by linking to ideas on your sites and encouraging you to submit your tips and ideas. Eventually, I would also like to see people submit entire articles to be published here and maybe even start a monthly carnival.

I'm ambitious, I know, but why not dream big? I believe this blog can successfully fill a void, but that will only happen with your help. Join me in this journey of sharing and learning, won't you?

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