Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Letter O crafts and activities

Thanks to my friend, Karen (of Thrifty Mommy fame), I will be posting links to crafts and activities for each letter of the alphabet. (I'm starting with O because that is the letter she will be doing next.) Use these ideas to help as you teach or reinforce the alphabet.

Letter O clipart courtesy of


Holly said...

Revka, you are doing a great job! What a lot of wonderful ideas!

Revka said...

Thank you, Holly, I really appreciate that. I am working really hard on this, trying to make it a useful and informative place for parents.

Karen_thrifty said...

It's pretty cool that you're going along with my school schedule. Today I worked on getting the ox booklets ready for next week. BTW, we will probably take a break from this the week of Valentine's Day. We'll probably just do Valentine activities that week. Of course, they'll also be a Valentine party. Yummy!

Revka said...

A Valentine's party sounds great :) I'm glad you gave me this idea in the first place.

Anonymous said...

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